I have edited this document many times, when I was young and angry and full of myself and now when I'm older, and not as angry, but still full of myself. Most things are born out of necessity, as did photography. The Pencil of Nature Camp were just getting tired, it was a lot of work to sit and draw, and you only got one copy. Photography solved that. Now you could capture "life" as it was. The rest is pretty much well documented. Most of the subject matter has be photographed, all the ideas/themes have been explored, yet people keep returning and re-hashing the old themes. Fine with me, it keeps the business going. Its the lifestyle thing. Face it, Leicas, leather bomber jackets, cargo vest all sell well, and ultimately, (I hope) people will begin to learn more about themselves. This is where Hansel's idea of dropping crumbs in the forest comes in. He wants to find the way back for himself and his sister. It's a good idea. As photographers, we can look back at our work and see our path and unconsciencly compare it to where we are now. It helps us grow. Its a good thing. I think it might make us a better person. Unexpectedly though, Hansel does not realize that other creatures in the forest will find his crumbs and eat them and they too will leave their own crumbs and on it goes.